What We Sell

Southern Antiques stocks an impressively diverse, eclectic and unique range of antique and vintage items. Our dealers specialise across many eras - Art Nouveau, Victorian, Art Deco, Mid Century, Retro and up to the late 1900s. 

Our Antique and Vintage Collections include:

  • clothes, hats, jewellery and accessories

  • everything nautical including divers helmets, ships bells, nautical implements, ship & sailing memorabilia

  • English & European porcelain, crystal, dinnerware

  • Fine jewellery with precious and semi-precious stones

  • Silver - teasets, flatware, trophies

  • Early 20th century furniture and lighting

  • Toys, coins, postcards, comics

  • Radios, bakelite

  • Linen, Fabric, Buttons and habedashery

  • Crystals, Quartz caves, 

  • Militaria