Metal Restoration and Repair

Mr Geale's Glorious Revivals

Antique Restorations, Jeweller and Silversmith

Mathew Geale from Mr Geale's Glorious Revivals has been involved in the jewellery, metalworking and antique industry for over 15 years. Originally hailing from Tasmania, Mathew has crossed the country persuing his teenage dream of being a jeweller and silversmith. He has received an Associate Diploma of Art, Craft and Design from the Tasmanian Institute of Tafe and a Bachelor of Applied Arts from the University of NSW. He has been working as a freelance jeweller since 2000, creating unique commission pieces and designing work in his own style. Mathew also has 10 years experience in metal finishing, and spent 8 years learning the skills of silversmithing, specialising in repairs and restoration with Australia's oldest remaining manufacturing silversmith.